So having a reading on your wedding day can be a nice personal touch which can add some more personality to your already awesome day.


Readings can range in length (30 seconds to 5 minutes) and can serve many purposes.


Firstly, you can ask a friend to share a reading of their choice at your wedding. Some of your besties might like their time behind the mic and if they didn’t make the cut as your ‘Bridesmaid’ she may love the task of sharing a reading to your family and friends…


Secondly, readings can add a flavour to your wedding or an element of humour, nostalgia, religion, culture or excitement.  Or it can just be an example of what you guys are all about? fun, romance, adventure, family, culture, good time lovers OR wordly adventurers.


If it’s a serious sentiment you wish to explain, please do. If it’s the humour in paragraph from your favourite novel, please share it. If you decide to go down the path of Dr Seus, he always captures the crowd and quite often Bob Marley lyrics ring true with his voice of family, unity and as the great man says ‘Lets get together and feel alright’….


As you can see, readings can be vast and varied. Certainly not compulsory, but can add that special kind of ‘feel’ which you want to add on your wedding day…


Here are some examples of the kind of readings I Like and have heard over the years…


Song Lyrics – Nothing sparks emotion or takes you to a place like your favourite song lyrics. Meaningful, emotive, funny, captivating, uplifting and personal. Anything from Bob Marley, to Bruce Springstein, led Zeppelin or Kanye. Song Lyrics can be an easy inclusion to set the tone you’re after.


Poems – If 18thCentury poetry isn’t your thing. Then forget about it. If modern day sonnets strike a chord with you, then let it be heard. Its pretty cool to ask a friend to choose a poem of their choice which best represents you guys? – Modern day poems are easy to relate to and can easily found and read.


Love Letters – Ok, this can be a super personalised inclusion on your wedding day. You can either write a love letter yourself (secretly) and get someone to read it for you to your other half? – It’s a beautiful personalized inclusion and your partner will be soaked in love, affection + emotion as they hear those words? (I’ve seen this a few times and have been asked to read their letters too).


Ancient Philosophy – Don’t get me wrong, I am certainly not well versed in Eastern wisdom BUT some of the sentiments and stories which can be recited from different cultures and folklore can epitomise your love, what you stand for and how you want your marriage to unfold.


At the end of the day, a reading is a personalised inclusion to your ceremony. They are not compulsory or legal. Most readings I hear or read these days are short and sweet and have a personalised or emotional meaning to the couple. Just remember, it’s your wedding, get married your way with words you only want to hear.


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