Guys, Lets Talk about your Wedding Vows!

Guys, Lets Talk about your Wedding Vows!

Guys, let’s talk Vows!


I just sat and had a beer with a man who I am marrying. Well, we’re not getting married – BUT I’m going to help him marry the woman of his dreams. His childhood sweetheart, the girl who has turned his world upside down for the better, his better half as he put it, the one who completes him.


Sounds perfect! The story of teenage sweethearts experiencing their first kiss, their first share house,  their first overseas holiday, uni degrees, travel, careers (mini break ups) and now this, the next real chapter of their lives. Marriage! They’re choosing to spend every day together and love, live and experience this beautiful thing called life with each other….


I could see his eyes widen and cheeks stretch as he spoke about a few funny stories from the past, how his girlfriend always shouts at him for leaving the dirty plates in the sink and for bringing sand into the house after a surf. He spoke easy, slow and thoughtfully and I warmed to his laconic ways and dry sense of humour. What a bloke!


I then bought up his wedding vows. SILENCE! He sculled his beer and just stared into space pensively. Shitting bricks. (Sorry!)


‘Nup, eff that’, he said. I hate public speaking, I hate the limelight, she does all the talking – I just nod, she knows I love her…. SILENCE! (from me)


Its funny, and I get it. Blokes can talk about their girl one on one to me and we share a few stories and I get a pretty good insight into their life and love for each other. In a relaxed environment its easier, but as soon as you hear those words ‘wedding vows’, hypertension kicks in and you want to crawl away into a cave.


OK – so lets get back to basics, clear your mind, find some space and pick up a pen and write down one thing that you love about your partner. You can do it! Now, write another thing, now write one more.


See, that’s three epic reasons to love the hell outta your partner and tell her on your wedding day. You see, you don’t have to get all mushy and lovey dovey, you just have to be honest, open your heart and tell them why you love them, why you loved these past few years and why you’re looking forward to your future together. Its an amazing feeling to share your emotions with your special someone, and you know what; its an even better feeling to receive the words from your favourite person.


Nerves, anxiousness, quick, short breaths and confusion. They may all be apart of the build- up, but its all quickly released when you’re looking at your favourite person and speaking from the heart. Those feelings automatically get turned upside down and you’ll in fact feel amazing when you receive your partners vows in return for the first time on your wedding day.


Good Luck! Take a breath, pick up that pen and go for it. You know she’s worth it.


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