I DO & Yewww

I DO & Yewww

I DO & Yewww.

What Is it?

I say it a lot, in fact, I say it most weekends and often post about it. The truth is, it’s the concept that I came up with back when I was a wedding musician. In a nutshell, the vibe I create as your celebrant is full of love, energy and emotion and everyone is pumped. I love keeping the vibe strong and good times rolling from the aisle to the D floor.

You wedding day is accumulation of hard work, kicking goals, avoiding pit falls, investment, emotions and all-time highs and next level utopia… and that’s just your relationship roller coaster. You guys have dedicated yourself to each other and you want to show that on your wedding day, but let’s face it. If you’re gonna look that good, you better have the best time of your life doing so.

Whether is an am ceremony followed by a long lunch. An afternoon exchange of ‘I Do’s followed by dinner under the stars or a good old backyard shin dig starting with an aisle walk down a path your dad mowed in followed a BBQ and tales told of the old, your wedding day is yours and one to be cherished forever.

I call it ‘I Do & Yewww’. It’s not just about the Yewww, it is also about YOU. I’m not alone when I say I cater my ceremonies to suit your style and personalities, but I feel that I am very privileged and one of the few celebrants who get to marry you, THEN MC and get to play live music to soundtrack your wedding from the ‘I Do’ right through to the dancefloor fillers which are hand-picked by YOU to create the party you want ending in a send-off which you deserve. I Do & Yewww.

Over the last decade or so I’ve performed and played at  over 600 weddings. A job we grew into from years playing at open mike nights to pubs, to restaurants and became one of the east coast most sort after live music choices for weddings, sound-tracking over 100 weddings a year. I became addicted to the passion, the energy, the smiles I created and the group hugs I witnessed and love I received made it impossible to not LOVE my job.

So,I Do and Yewww. For the last 3 years, I’ve been a marriage celebrant. An easy transition from being behind the mic as a musician to being behind the mic and in front of a crowd as a celebrant. 12 Years as a school teacher has helped me too. However, entertaining a classroom of kids is a similar niche to entertaining 100 gregarious adult(ish) humans… just older with a simpler bedtime routine! (Sorry, that’s me being a Dad).

I get a real sense of connection being a celebrant. I learn about people, learn about their family and hear stories of weekends away, personal goals, relationship values and proposal strategies. I too ride the emotional roller coaster that is the journey of love. I encapsulate that in my ceremony and arrive at your wedding feeling like a friend rather than a guy who you’re paying. The wedding ceremony is full of emotion. Anxiety, suspense, beauty, love, anticipation, worry, elation, good humour, relief and often a feeling of being on a wave of utopia stuck in a moment as you gaze into your partners heart….. Ahhhh, its real and when the ceremony is over, it shouldn’t end. NO WAY! This is your wedding day, right? Let’s create an atmosphere which continues with those emotions and gets you through till 10.30pm…at least!

That’s what I Like to offer. I Do & Yewww.  We create that vibe, we make it happen. From the first coffee, we share when we say ‘So…. what do you want?’ to the ceremony where I steer the love boat, to the post ceremony elation, canape creation and dining revelation we got this and play a variety of tunes from a variety of genres to get all 94 of your guest’s foot tapping, man hugging and doing the worm later to ‘Get Lo’ or is that Horses I hear? Whatever the tune, it’s all for you and we create the perfect ‘I DO & Yewww’.

I take the time to learn about you, we meet, have a coffee (or a beer) if the time is right and get your juices flowing when it comes to music. As a celebrant, I dig deep. I like detail, I love how the early months can shape the course of a relationship and I really love how the burliest of blokes shed tears of joy and happiness when they talk about their missus. The process of creation is equally as important as the execution of good times. There’s science behind it. You see, when we connect with your wedding goals, the stars align and the good times happen. That’s I Do & Yewww.

If you want me to be just your celebrant. That’s totally cool! I would be stoked to be your celebrant and marry you in a way which means the most to you. If you want your day to be seamless with ninja like transitions from that perfect pre-ceremony acoustic vibe though to D floor fillers with you and your tribe. Let me know. You only get one wedding. Make it one with beautiful ‘I Do’s followed by an evening of yewwws..


Andrew Michael – Your director of wedding memories.

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