‘You Don’t Need Aisle to Say I do’. – REAL #amweddings by Andrew Michael

‘You Don’t Need Aisle to Say I do’. – REAL #amweddings by Andrew Michael

The wedding industry is big business! That’s no surprise! Every couple I speak to often say, ‘We didn’t know we would spend this much’? ‘I can’t believe we’re over budget already’.

When you think about it, your wedding day can sometimes cost you more than your home loan deposit? No way, Yes way! You need to pay for; the venue, your dress, flowers, a celebrant, transport, a band, food, drink, a couple of suits, a bow tie, wedding rings, a wedding co-ordinator, a photographer and let’s not forget the honeymoon, but that’s for another day.

Take a second to reflect on what is important to you and your partner as you don’t want your wedding bill looking more like a phone number and then of course, you need to keep your 100+ guests happy, well-fed with plenty of opportunities to take a selfie and post it to your prescribed hashtag.

Of course, you don’t need all of this. Really? Really! In fact, all you need is me (or another celebrant), your fiancée and two witnesses’s to get the job done. That’s right, 5 people. ‘You don’t even need an Aisle to Say I Do’

This is exactly the sentiment that Lars and Lana subscribed to when they chose to get married in the water, at Kirra Beach on the sunny Gold Coast with me and 8 of their besties watching. It was so beautiful and unique (like their love and their story) that the ceremony truly beamed them, which what I encourage all the coupes I meet to do. Your ceremony should reflect you, your values, your love and your story. If you want to get married in the water on a beautiful sunny day with a few close hand-picked friends watching… do it! If you want to get married at a resort in front of 100 of your favourite people with all the bells and whistles, then do it!….. as long as it’s what you want to do.

Lars paddled out at Kirra Beach relaxed, comfortable, laughing, reassured and 110% confident that this is what he wants and pretty soon he was about to marry the love of his life, Lana.

As Lana walked down the steps at Kirra, board under one arm, flowers in the other, it was clear that this ceremony was about as Lars and Lanaish as you could get. She radiated beauty, happiness, and confidence as her free spirit meandered down the kirra steps, through the rocks (past the bridesmaid pit-stop) and out into the water and into the arms of the man she will now refer to as ‘my husband’ or ‘mein Ehemann’ in her native lounge.

The ceremony encapsulated every nuance of emotion one could hope for at a wedding ceremony yet the simplicity of the moment gave it a raw and real feel. Lars could not take his eyes off his beautiful bride to be as she paddled out through the break to be with Lars. The vows were incredible and although my German does not go beyond Grade 8 – “Ich habe einen braunen Hund’ we could feel the emotion poor out of Lars which bought (nearly) even the most war hardened wedding celebrants to tears. The sentiment was equally reciprocated by Lana as she told Lars exactly how her heart felt. Cupid was looking down on us from that big Eagle at Kirra and did not miss a beat that day!

Wedding Wrist bands were exchanged instead of wedding rings, surf boards replaced Julius Marlows and bikinis and boardshorts replaced the Grace Loves Lace Equivalent. The day was perfect and so too were the newlyweds.

The reception was held as the five star Kirra Beach Pavilion on the sand – ocean views included and the signing table was replaced by one 1970 handshaped Dick Brewer long board. Ed Sheeran should have written a song about it, however, how can you describe perfect, other than perfekt?

After the ceremony, I wished Lars and Lana all the very best on their marriage journey and told them that I’m only ever a phone call away if they have any problems… Although, as you can see by the photos, the only problems I envisage these two having is debating about who is having the most fun!

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