What Do You Say to Your Future Husband?

What Do You Say to Your Future Husband?

What Do You Say to Your Future Husband?


What do you say to your future Husband? Sorry, I’ll re-phrase that, what do you say to your future wife, in front of your best friends and family members just 2 minutes before  he becomes your husband? Answer; whatever you feel comfortable saying……. and that’s the truth!


‘Dearly belovered, in the presence of these witness’s, I want to publically state how I love the way your hair flows across your shoulders when you sip you tea on a cool autumns day…… ??? Sure, if you want… OR, you could say “Hey Babe’ now that we’re about to get married, it means that you’re not allowed to get angry at me anymore for not putting the dishes away ‘cause, they’re your dishes now and what’s mine is yours, and you know how every 2nd Friday night is our date night, well, the Dragons are playing next week, so we can watch that together….as a married couple.. it’s a date and I can’t wait. x


Basically, your vows are your words thought up and hand written by you. You love that person standing opposite you and you love them for everything they are and stand for, the good and the bad. What you are saying to that person is your promise, your love, why you are standing there holding hands at that moment in time and what you find them so damn sexy.


People ask me all the time, can I please have some help writing my vows. My response is ‘Yes, Of course’. I want you to think of all the amazing things about your partner. All the things that make you laugh, all the things that make you smile, all the amazing things that make you want to speed home from work at 4.59pm cause you cant stand being apart for more than 8 hours a day? The things that make you dream, the things that make you want to sleep and snuggle in on a Sunday morning even though the surf is pumping, all the things. Im sure there’s 1000’s but just say the important stuff, look them in the heart and let it flow..


Im going to give you some examples of Vows written by blokes. Men sometimes find it difficult to express their feelings, so boys, here are some examples of heartfelt vows straight from the heart.


‘When writing my vows I had no idea where to start, so I asked Andrew and he said ‘Start with writing three things you love about her’ So I did and I came up with nothing. Not because I couldn’t think of three things but but because I love all of you, I love the whole package and not just the bits and pieces. That’s why I want you to be my wife.’


‘Sarah, I cant believe that 8 years ago I was your boss. Now, you’re my boss and I don’t want it any other way. I love how you care for me, cook for me, tell me to slow down when I’m busy talking about our plans and straight up how you kiss me on the head when I come home from a busy day’. You’re the only person in my life who I ever want to tell me what to do and why’. My life is so much better now that you’re by my side.


‘Today is the day I officially marry my best friend get my ultimate partner in life, my soulmate and someone to listen to all my cricket and footy stories even when we lose. Today, you become my wife and to me that means my life is complete and perfect’.


So there you have it, some heartfelt promises. Vows don’t have to be traditional, but they do have to reflect you, you story and your love. So go on, put pen to paper and start to write down a three things that you love about your partner. You never know, you might end up loving the whole package.

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